Driver Diary Part Eight – A Day in the Life

I’m going to do things a bit differently.  Here’s my abbreviated driver’s diary, a day in the life on the Oban and Western Highlands Tour:


0530 – wake up with a fright.  Why can I never wake up gently?

0600 –  Leave the house without waking anybody else.  Fail.  Again.

0603 – Then return to house to pick up mobile phone.

0630 – Arrive at depot, subsequently request large cup of tea.  Make it myself.

0635 – Start safety checks.  All in order as usual, this is certainly one of the most modern fleets around.

0700 – Depart for hotel pick ups x2

0845 – Use natural charm to ensure our guests receive a warm welcome

0900 – On the road.

0930 – Realise I’m in for a good day. Above all, my guests all seem to be getting along well and there’s a great atmosphere on board.

0945 – Arrive at Dumbarton Rock.  Great view of a supply ship and Navy vessel heading up the Clyde.  Flat calm, looking beautiful.  Consequently, a great chance to tell some stories about this area’s heritage.

1030 – Up past Loch Lomond.  Stop for a quick swim.  I’m joking, the water is likely still freezing and no one is brave enough to check!

1100 – Up the Rest and Be Thankful.  Guests are intrigued by the name as they don’t feel it was that steep or dangerous. Therefore, I stop and point out the old road.  Now they understand.

1145 – To Inveraray – one of my favourite towns.  Some head off to Inveraray Castle. Meanwhile, others go to the Jail; a living museum and a great way to spend our time here.


1230 – a quick stop to take some photos of the Highland cows.  I can see Facebook’s servers struggling to cope as my whole group post pictures of themselves with these new furry friends.  Someone manages to get a great shot of this Bird of Prey – can anyone identify it?

1300 – Similarly, Facebook’s servers again go into meltdown as we get to Loch Awe and Kichurn Castle – one of the most photographed in Scotland.  Short delay to allow farmer to move what seemed like 250,000 sheep across the road.

1330 – Lunch time in Oban.  Warn guests to keep their Fish and Chips well protected – these seagulls are brave.  Then, I watch the ferry from Mull coming in after what must have been a choppy crossing.

1430 – lose a guest however I quickly find him again.  Pack souvenirs for his entire family into the coach.  Can certainly see a large excess luggage bill coming.

1500 – As always, enjoying the rugged West Coast.  Amazing today in the sunshine.

1515 – Music request – granted.  Music request – rescinded due to near mutiny by remainder of guest’s party.

1530 – Castle Stalker and Loch Laich – a favourite photo opportunity.  I recommend everyone takes it, that is to say , it’s not often you see them looking quite this spectacular.

1600 – Glencoe.  What some have been waiting for.  Love their reactions to this place.  Everyone enjoying the atmosphere.

1615 – Quiz time!  Try to stump my guests but they’re too smart and ends in victory for my new friends from the US; I think their note taking skills helped.

1645 – The Drovers Inn.  310 years it’s been here and it’ll probably be here for another 310.  Evening refreshments by the fire.  Meanwhile, there’s a band playing tonight and as they warm up I almost have to drag my guests from the bar!

1800 – Glasgow. Overall, a great day.  Bring on tomorrow.

We’d love to welcome you on board.  If you’d like to know more or likewise if would like to book one of our tours click here.

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