In the Drivers Seat – Tour Leader Nick


Our ‘In the Driver Seat’ series will provide some insight into our wonderful Tour Leaders. You’ll learn a little about their time off the road, as well as what they like about Scotland. Today we introduce you to our Tour Leader Nick.

Tour Leader Nick in the Driver Seat

Q. How long have you been a Tour Leader with Discover Scotland Tours?

A. I’m just into my 5th year with Discover Scotland (started 2017) now. Although with Covid really limiting tours in 2020, you could argue that it’s really my 4th year or 4 and a half at best!

Q. What made you want to be a Tour Leader?

A. When I was about 14 I went to the USA with my family and we had this great guide called Carlos. He was so happy, fun and absolutely hilarious. He really made the trip and that certainly stuck with me. Also when I went travelling around Australia and New Zealand I had some fantastic guides from Adventure Tours and Stray Bus (The backpacker bus) and some of the things they told me about how they do their job really impressed me.  Plus they were great lads and lassies too.

Tour Leader Nick Backpacking in New Zealand
Kyleakin Sunset taken by our Tour Leader Nick

Q.  If you had to choose one viewpoint in Scotland to photograph, where would it be and why?

A. Kyleakin and the Skye Bridge at sunset.  Probably the best sunset I’ve ever seen.

Q. Do you have a favourite Scottish band and/or singer? 

A. Hell yes!  Gotta be Simple Minds and Runrig right at the top of the list. They’re my all time favourites however not just Scottish favourites! We’ve been to loads of Minds gigs. We were also lucky enough to be at Runrig’s ‘Last Dance’ retirement concert at Stirling Castle in 2018.  What a night!

Stirling Castle
Rannoch Moor

Q. What is your favourite fact or story that you share on tour?

A. That ‘Castle McDuck’ which is supposedly on the ‘dismal downs’ of Rannoch Moor is the ancestral home of Scrooge McDuck – The uncle of Donald Duck! When I first started with Discover Scotland I got that fun fact slightly wrong so there’s about two busloads of people who are now convinced that Count Duckula lives on Rannoch Moor!

Q. What is your favourite tour and why?

A. Our 4 day Isle of Skye tour.  I love Skye and it’s also great for the passengers that have the extra time. It’s certainly worth the extra cost as I reckon you can properly cover about 3/4 of the Island in that timeframe.  Plus if you have a rainy day on the Island you have the flexibility to switch things around so passengers don’t miss out on the outdoor stuff.

Fairy Glen Skye

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